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Ravinn aim to deliver accurate and quality services that reduces your cyber risk and enables you to make decisions that are best for your organisation.

Ravinn have evolved from the skills, knowledge and experience developed from military cyber and intelligence operations in complex, global environments. We have seen the growing cyber threat and the impact on Australian business and adapted our skills into techniques that address modern business needs.

It doesn’t need to be complicated.

How We Approach the Problem


Reduce Complexity

We like to keep things simple.  So we remove the complexity of navigating the many standards, legislation and guidelines; we make it accessible and understandable.

Bespoke security analysis

Bespoke Security Analysis

We tailor our services to meet your needs and can scale to any size organisation to enable you to fully understand the specific threat, risk profile and the necessary mitigating strategies.

Align to best practice

Align to Best Practice

We ensure that assessments and recommendations aligned with global best practices, applied through detailed research, understanding and experience of risk assessment, analysis and planning.


Progression with Maturity

Resilience cannot be static; we set out with the intention of ensuring that continual improvement is possible.


Industry Focus

We conduct thorough analysis and planning with individual organisations and industries to ensure the threat, risk and impact is accurate and that recommendations for response and mitigation are what is actually needed.

Tried and tested analysis and planning techniques

Tried and Tested Analysis and Planning Techniques

We utilise knowledge built on experience in the most demanding situations and environments and pride ourselves on attention to detail.

The Ravinn Team

Our team are comprised of subject matter experts from military cyber operations, Electronic Warfare and intelligence backgrounds and our consultants maintain Australian Government security clearances.

Our methods are based on military planning techniques, adapted to meet the needs of modern business. Our team have honed these techniques through years of experience in the toughest situations and environments. We are thorough and mission orientated - we focus on you, the risks to you and what you need to achieve to mitigate those risks and achieve the desired state of security.

Our Team Skills

  • Cyber Security
  • Information Assurance
  • Australian Government Security Cleared
  • Strategy Development
  • Strategic Business Analysis
  • Governance Frameworks Design & Review
  • Risk Management & Control
  • Continuity Planning
  • Incident Response Planning
  • Project Management
  • Threat Intelligence & Analysis
  • Training Development & Assessment
  • Operational Change Management
  • Strategic Communications

All of our team are highly qualified and experienced professionals with various industry certifications including:


"Data is at the heart of our business and Ravinn have guided us through a number of steps to make us more secure. Some of the things that we'd overlooked are so simple to fix and I have so much greater confidence in our ability to protect ours and our customers data from now on."

L Van Cooten, Managing Director at Immerse Enterprise


Two ravens sit on Odin’s shoulder and whisper all the news which they see and hear into his ear; they are called Huginn and Muninn. He sends them out in the morning to fly around the whole world, and by breakfast they are back again. Thus he finds out many new things, and this is why he is called 'raven-god.'