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We seek to answer your key questions

Ravinn focuses on reducing organisational risk through intelligence-driven analysis that provides greater clarity, improved business processes and more effective security procedures. To achieve this we draw on best-practice aspects of Australian, US and UK military intelligence processes.

What are the threats to my organisation? What are my internal risks? What further opportunities are available to me?

The Process

  1. Direction

    Ravinn determines organisational needs and intelligence requirements through a collaborative and iterative process that informs and directs our intelligence framework. We identify the specific threats to your business or operations to provide a tailored solution.

  2. Collection

    Ravinn utilises best practice collection methods across a range of intelligence sources including open source intelligence, local networks and historical data.

  3. Analysis

    Ravinn analysts continuously collate relevant data, employing proactive analysis techniques to integrate and evaluate key details into relevant intelligence. Ravinn analysts are the nucleus of the Ravinn All-Source Hub, which taps into existing networks to provide a wealth of experience and qualified specialists.

  4. Delivery

    This intelligence is then disseminated within bespoke products to prepare organisations for future activities, sustain awareness during ongoing activities, and re-evaluate current operating environments.

Ravinn Intelligence

Cyber Threat Intelligence

We combine our cyber resilience expertise with our intelligence analysis skills to develop bespoke Cyber Threat Intelligence assessments for organisations of all sizes.  Knowing the real threat to you and your organisation is essential to developing mitigation strategies to protect yourself.  We utilise multiple sources to identify the specific and relevant threats to enable you to act.


Open Source Intelligence

As experienced practitioners of open source intelligence for Government and Defence agencies, Ravinn can provide comprehensive OSINT for organisations, or deliver training services that cover all aspects of OSINT, from social media exploitation to dark web analysis. Our capability and training services include OSINT Policy, Operations, Social Media, Tools and Databases, Intelligence Fusion and Counter-Intelligence.


Disaster Response and Recovery

Knowing what to do in a disaster situation, from bushfires to cyclones and earthquakes, is key to preserving life. The Ravinn team have unique experience in an array of disaster situations from around the world and now work with local and regional organisations to help you understand your environment and build effective and actionable plans to respond when such situations occur.



Threat & Risk Assessment

Our Threat and Risk assessments analyse your organisation, systems and operating environment for vulnerabilities, examine potential threats associated with those vulnerabilities, and evaluate the resulting security risks. Ravinn analysts utilise best practice military intelligence techniques, aligned with ISO 31000 requirements to deliver effective outcomes. The level of threat is determined from the potential for any natural, human or environmental source to trigger or exploit any identified vulnerability. Our risk assessments look at both the probability of that threat occurring, and the impact on both system and organization should it occur. An appropriate strategy is developed for each risk depending on severity (such as acceptance of the risk, adoption of a mitigation plan, or implementation of an avoidance strategy)


Strategic Assessments

Ravinn provides consistent and accurate intelligence support for enterprise organisations with varied intelligence requirements. Regular updates on local and regional developments on an as required basis are provided to management or personnel in location.

"Data is at the heart of our business and Ravinn have guided us through a number of steps to make us more secure. Some of the things that we'd overlooked are so simple to fix and I have so much greater confidence in our ability to protect ours and our customers data from now on."

L Van Cooten, Managing Director at Immerse Enterprise