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Reduce risk and support decisions

The Ravinn security team can help you assess and reduce risk, enable enhanced operations, and inform accreditation activities.

Driven by Ravinn intelligence products and understanding of relevant legislation and policy, we develop of specific security frameworks and strategies to meet your business needs.

Do my facilities support the business opportunities available to me? What employee and organisational risks could undermine my business?

How we do it

Best Practice

The primary objective of the Ravinn security architecture is to implement best practice security procedures and global risk management standards to reduce organisational risk. This firstly supports the workplace health and safety of your people, but can also improve business efficiency and directly reduce your insurance burden.


Your Security Needs

Ravinn security specialists will analyse the needs and requirements specific to the client organisation, review existing management protocols and assess operational areas of the client organisation to develop a tailored security strategy.

Ravinn Security

Classified Facility Development

A key element of the security architecture is the facilitation of certification and accreditation assessments for physical security upgrades to organisational facilities. Ravinn security specialists identify the relevant policy, and analyse existing or future locations to provide upgrade recommendations for the purposes of enhanced security facilities.


Personnel Vetting

Your people are a critical part of your business. Equally important is your ability to maintain your business operations. We support you to undertake vetting activities and identify any personal or organisational risks that could potentially undermine your business.


Physical Security Planning

Ravinn security specialists can perform comprehensive security planning functions, including static protection plans and procedures. Security on static locations can be reviewed and upgraded dependant on an updated awareness of any existing threats.

This can include the provision of security plans, risk assessments, and a response and recovery plan in the event of an incident. Furthermore, mobile security procedures can also be evaluated, driven by current intelligence assessments, and ensuring an adequate appreciation of risk dependant on the environment.

"Jared and his team have been brilliant helping us on the journey to ISO27001. They've helped us uncover risks we hadn't even considered and put us in an excellent position to gain our accreditation- which is fundamental to our business and our partners. Also, the cut through the technical jargon making things easy to understand!"

Jeremy Bews, Managing Director/Owner JSAcreative